Karrueche Hosts Curve's Holiday Party

Tis' the Season To Smell Delicious

Article from, written by Rashad Benton, Contributor

Karrueche’s last relationship introduced her to the world, not only did it do that, but it presented with her a platform to fulfill her dreams. Today she’s standing on her own by starring in hit show Claws, she also recently appeared on Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’Oir’s wedding special on BET and you can’t forget the many other projects she’s been apart of such as The Bay, Single Ladies and more. Now she’s partnered with Curve Fragrancesand one may ask where did this young lady actually come from? It all started with a personal shopping role at Nordstrom where she found herself for three years, then she became a styling assistant and the rest is really history as we watch this young lady blossom. December 7th, I sat in East Midtown at the Arlo NoMad during a festive Holiday Party and made a new friend in my head. With a personality so full of life we dove right into our interview.

Last year, your best friend Christina Milian was in your place but besides that what prompted you to partner with Curve? “Smiling”, Yes she did this last year and I love Christina, but regardless if she would’ve done it last year or not I still would’ve partnered with these guys, because Curve is legendary to me. I grew up seeing it everywhere from my best friend who’s worn it since high school to the many retailers that carry the fragrance, so to build this relationship and to even have them wanting me here is an amazing experience.

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 07: Fragrance on display during the Curve Fragrances Holiday Party hosted by actress & model Karrueche Tran at Arlo NoMad on December 7, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Elizabeth Arden/Revlon)

What are your thoughts on men and fragrances? Is there such thing as too much? That’s what attracts me to a man, a man that smells amazing is something that you don’t forget, and you won’t forget him because you’ll remember how amazing he smelled. In terms of “too much”, I think sometimes it can be too much. If it’s too strong or too overbearing then I have that moment of almost “EW what are they wearing?”

Would you agree that Curve is the perfect starter cologne for young men and perhaps inexperienced men to start with? Why? Yes definitely, I would start him out with Curve. Let him get in there and get his feet wet. He’d probably fall in love with it himself!

Switching topics a bit, earlier in your career you were a stylist. Does that play a role in the way you’re dressed on the show Claws or is there a wardrobe stylist provided by production and do you have a stylist in real life? Well, we actually have an entire wardrobe department, and we’re constantly having fittings. I am however very hands-on and outspoken about what I do and don’t like and not for me personally but for my character Virginia. You know, you’ll never see Virginia in a pair of jeans, she doesn’t wear jeans, she wears booty shorts and she accessorizes like crazy. In real life, I do have a stylist and I actually work with a few different people, but today I was styled by Jason Bolden (@JasonBolden). There are times where I think I can pretty much style myself and do it all alone, but then I realize I need help at times, especially when it comes to special events.

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 07: Actress & Model Karrueche Tran visits the hot chocolate bar as she hosts the Curve Fragrances Holiday Party at Arlo NoMad on December 7, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Elizabeth Arden/Revlon)

How similar is your character to your everyday life? Do you two relate at all? In some ways I do and some ways I don’t. One thing about my character Virginia is that she has this fight to survive. Sometimes in her life shit hits the fan and she has to figure out what to do and in my life at one point shit hit the fan and I had to figure out what I needed to do, so I feel like that’s where we connect the most. We both have this fight for survival and this fight to win. She also has this want for love that she didn’t experience growing up and I don’t so much relate to her on that level, but I think everyone can relate to wanting to be loved and to being apart of something.

The show is set in Palmetto, Florida, which is in Manatee County, have you ever actually been to Palmetto or Bradenton or have any actual scenes been filmed there? The show is actually shot in New Orleans, however, we did film some of the beach scenes in Sarasota, and I think we drove through Palmetto but we never filmed there.

What is it that Karrueche actually wants to do in life, what career title are you pursuing?Actor! Yes, I am an actor now but to keep that momentum going, to keep pushing and to find myself on even larger screens and to dive deeper into my creativity as an artist.

After this you may need a new one, but what about you, do you feel is your best-kept secret? Laughs, if it’s a secret I can’t tell you! Best kept secret “in deep ponder”, I think people underestimate me or just don’t know much about me and don’t know that I’m hardworking and creative. I think that’s something that is just going to have to be shown throughout my career. I don’t want to have to broadcast to the world that “I’m a hard worker, that I’m creative and that I’m this”. It’ll show within time.

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