Karrueche Talks New Opportunities, Iyanla Interview and Moving On

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While out promoting her TNT show ‘Claws’ which just got picked up for second season, Karrueche Tranpulled up on Angie Martinez during which they discussed her acting career which already scored her two EMMYs, internet trolls, where she stands mentally and spiritually now that she’s overcome the Chris Browndrama and that intense interview she did for the OWN Network with Iyanla Vazan.

During the interview, Karrueche’s manager, Jacob York, jumps in while Karrueche is discussing the Iyanla interview which Karrueche says she still can’t watch yet, and he goes all the way off about Iyanla saying she’s nothing but an opportunist who fake pretends to care about people’s well being when the only thing that matters to her are ratings.

Jacob says that he does have “beef” with Iyanla for attacking Karrueche while she was “broken” as opposed to helping her and reaching out under false pretenses that she wanted to do an interview for her own benefit.  “She actually got mad, it was wild and it was ridiculous they way she acted. There was no civility” says Jacob about what happened when they tried to end the interview which was held at Karrueche’s home to which Iyanla flew to.

The Iyanla interview which took place right after she found out Chris had a baby behind her back about which she says made her feel like she wanted to “kill herself” and go hide under the covers. “One thing it did was open up a side of me that people haven seen…it was another experience.”

Angie and Karrueche also discussed:

  • Karrueche being much more confident and aware of herself now that she’s “been dragged through the dirt” and at this point I “been through the worse.”
  • What Karrueche thought when all the dust settled with the Chris drama and it was time to move on with her life. “What am I gonna do with my life? I put all my eggs in one basket and then they were all gone…I need some longevity and some substance.” she says about coming out on the other side.
  • The feeling she gets when people come up to her and tell her she’s doing amazing on her TNT show ‘Claws’ and working alongside acting veterans like Niecy Nash who she met a few years ago but only got closed with once they started shooting ‘Claws.’
  • Being overly cautious about her Instagram posts because her tone can at times be off and she has to make sure it comes off the right way to avoid the drama and visiting the comment sections for Baller Alert and The Shade Room which can be very vicious at times.
  • Celebrities such as artist and athletes always trying to date her but how her “next guy won’t be a big celebrity basketball player, singer-rapper and could even possibly be a girl.  “I though about dating a girl again” she says while telling Angie if she would date West Coast singers like Kehlani, Jessie Reyes or SYD.
  • Kanye West name-dropping her in a song and how taken aback she was when she heard it as well as other celebs using her name in songs.

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